Our History

We were always obsessed with facilitating people's work.

In 2013, it meant designing a simpler way of doing business processes. Today, it is about providing a more efficient way to unite people and businesses, as well as to develop user-friendly tools and create experiences every day.

We are convinced that each of our solutions must be connected to platforms of common use worldwide according to the type of profile of our Users.

Our Team
Ezra Bellon Founder

Responsible for the direction and product strategy of our company.

Augusto Vera AI Leader

Lead the AI team in all processes while maintaining the simplicity and experience of the end-user.

Natasha Tahakashi ChatBots Consultant

Generates the transformation of business flows to Artificial Intelligence.

Héctor Véliz Online payments

Lead and provide specific solutions for each project in online payments.

Flavio López Legal

Lead the legal, contractual issues of the new technological regulations.

Jorge Estrada IT Consultant

Provides new ideas and solutions to be at the forefront of technology.